vendredi 27 août 2010

Dawn Inskip
Le kit Primeval de Dawn Inskip.
Ma page

Le kit

Vous pouvez acheter le kit ici chez Pickleberrypop,-20%!
You can buy this kit here at Pickleberrypop,20% off!

Comme l'oeuf ne fait pas partie du kit mais de la photo,j'ai décidé de vous l'offrir en freebie(PU).
The egg is not an element from the kit but comes from the photo.So I decided to offer it as a freebie(PU).

Télécharger ici.

9 commentaires:

  1. Thank you so much for the dinosaur egg. It's my favorite freebie I got all week! :)

  2. Thank you for the cool egg! I love egg images! Also because I cannot read your language it was only just now that I learned that ...ici... means a link. I love figuring things like that out!:-D

  3. Coucou Murmure !

    Il est super sympa ce kit !!!

  4. Amazing page with dinosaurs!:) Thank you for egg of a dinosaur. Has unexpectedly found that so long searched! Super!!!

  5. Excellent cette sortie de coquille !!! Une surprise pour toi sur mon blog :
    Bises ma douce

  6. Thank you for your beautiful egg!:) Have a nice day!

  7. Very beautiful pages!!

    Greats, Lucienne